Have you done it all? Eating right, working out, and not getting the results you want? Get rid of those handles, muffin top, or whatever you want to call it.

Just Let It All Go!! Attack The Body With HD Liposuction

Have you done it all? Eating right, working out, and not getting the results you want? Get rid of those handles, muffin top, or whatever you want to call it.

Non-Surgical Minimally Invasive Abdominal Liposuction & Body Contouring

The following procedures may be staged (a few procedures over the course of a few weeks) or performed all at once. The decision can be made with you and with Dr. Singh’s team. Body tightening may be recommended in addition to the discussion of body liposuction to achieve an optimum effect.


The Vaser Liposuction Procedure​​​​​​​:

Consider this. No large surgical scars, No admission to a hospital, the ability to JustGo and recover at home or the location of your choice. Minimal downtime with adequate tumescent anesthesia in conjunction with patient-controlled anesthesia that you administer to yourself by inhalation techniques. Just Amazing. Feel free to chat with family members, watch a movie, or FaceTime with your friends. You will be relaxed, comfortable and allow us to change positions to evaluate your results in real-time. Procedure time varies usually 2.5 to 4 hours in duration depending upon number of body areas you choose. Post Liposuction Compression Garment sometimes referred to as a FAJA is required for several months. Post Liposuction massages are a must. Results are quick however “Skin Retraction and Vaser Retraction may take a full 6 months to one year to be realized.

The Vaser Liposuction Procedure​​​​​​​: Patient

General Body Definition Guide:

  • The Upper Abdomen consists of the abdomen from the rib cage down to your upper hip bones.

  • The Mons pubis is in front of the pubic bones at the lower part of the belly.

  • The Lower Back Area - liposuction of the ribs down to the superior gluteal crease. These are often referred to as the Flanks.

  • Bra Rolls your bra strap to your armpits.

  • Lower back from the lower edge of the Armpits to the top of the lumbosacral flanks.


  • Able to contours areas of the body that just don’t respond to dieting or exercise.

  • ​​​​​​​Restore your natural curves.

  • Able to remove that stubborn fat for men and women.

  • Removal of unwanted fat after pregnancy.

  • Able to wear the Clothes you desire. Looking good translates to feeling good and maximizes self-confidence. Just get back to the lifestyle that you want.

  • JustGO back to being you


Ideal Candidate For Non Invasive Lipo:

All shapes and sizes. We will need to calculate your Body Mass Index. This can be individualized after consultation with Dr. Singh and the team.

Age 21 to 65. Preferably a patient with good elastic skin tone and good muscle tone.

Non-smoker or someone willing to give up nicotine products for several months. Patient must have discipline and be ready for dedication to one's own body. Weight fluctuations can UNDO liposuction results. Post Bariatric patients with loose skin or excess skin will be individualized on a case-by-case basis to ensure an abdominoplasty is not required. The patient must be in good health.


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