From the Dad that has to do it all to the athlete that needs a little more help in the GYM.

Just Let It Go!!

We know it's tough getting the exact body you want. Just Be a VIP. You deserve it. Tell our staff your vision and let's get it done!!! From a total body makeover to a simple body targeting difficult areas that need a little work that may not respond to exercise and dieting. We can help. Vaser Liposuction and Renuvyion skin tightening have the ability to help in your body transformation.

Ideal candidate 21 to 65 years of age, in good health, non-smoker, or willing to stop nicotine products prior to the procedure not on any anticoagulation or antiplatelet agents.

VIP Membership

Ever consider getting a significant discount for every product, every procedure, or every injectable that you desire? Now it's your turn to be a VIP…. all day everyday.

Selective discounts for our JUSTGO MEMBERS.

  • Discounted Liposuction

  • Discounted Renuvion

  • Discounted Lymphatic Massage

  • Discounted Injectables.

  • Discounted Garments

  • Discounted Natural Healing and Beauty Products.

Feel free to “bank” your credit if not used …without concern for “use it or lose it”.

You’re the VIP!! Please email us or feel free to call and ask about our JustGO Membership.

By the way, all our First Responders are always VIP’s and all you have to do is ask about our First Responder Discount.

Fullscript-Wellness Support

Simplifying the path to LIFELONG WELLNESS with:

  • Our personal recommendations with your personalized treatments.

  • Wellness support

  • Education through the administration of Medical Grade Natural products available with JustGoLipo.

  • Every recommendation Just for you.