JustGoLipo offers chin liposuction in Scottsdale, Arizona, for help getting rid of a double chin. At JustGoLipo, we offer our patients minimally invasive liposuction procedures. In neck liposuction Phoenix, neck fat and the lower area of the face are targeted to help our clients achieve a chiseled jawline. Minimal downtime, minimal scars, and no hospital or general anesthesia!

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What Is Chin Liposuction?

If you’ve ever struggled with getting rid of a double chin despite exercise and dietary modifications or have always dreamt of having 
a chiseled jawline but can’t seem to get rid of stubborn fat around your neck – that is often genetic – no matter how hard you try, then we have just the solution for you. At JustGoLipo, we offer our patients minimally invasive chin liposuction to help them eliminate their double chin.

Chin Liposuction Before & After

Minimally Invasive & Awake Chin Liposuction Technique

Many people are afraid of undergoing simple procedures like liposuction due to fear of general anesthesia. Surgical complications and scars are other factors that often keep patients from going through even the safest procedures.

without general anesthesia

Our minimally invasive liposuction procedures are done awake. 
We perform chin liposuction on our patients using state-of-the-art technology that eliminates the need for general anesthesia and ensures faster recovery, better results, and minimal scarring. We can perform chin liposuction without general anesthesia because we use modern liposuction techniques, namely tumescent liposuction & Pro-Nox.


Tumescent liposuction is a procedure that entails the administration of local anesthesia to subcutaneous fat, thus preparing it for liposuction without any pain or discomfort. Pro-Nox is an analgesic system using inhaled oxygen and nitric oxide to relieve fast-acting pain. Using this system, we do not have to administer general anesthesia to our patients for the procedure.


The actual fat removal is done through VASER liposuction. The VASER liposuction procedure is a type of ultrasonic liposuction, unique in that it allows our surgeon, Dr. Singh, to be both gentle and extremely precise while removing unwanted fat. In this technique, strong ultrasound waves break down the bonds between the fatty tissue and the underlying muscles, allowing the fat to be sucked out. Unlike traditional liposuction, it is not aggressive and does not cause damage to surrounding tissue.


To make the results stand out even more, our surgeon, Dr. Singh, recommends adding Renuvion along with liposuction. Renuvion is a tool usually used after surgeries like liposuction to help tighten the loose skin and improve the overall results. It gives patients the “wow” factor they are looking for after treatment. Not only does it make the results better, but it also makes them last longer.
Remember, liposuction is only a fat-removal procedure, not a skin-tightening one. Most patients do not like that their skin becomes saggy and loses some of its firmness after procedures like liposuction, so complementing them with Renuvion is an excellent option.

What to Expect After Chin Liposuction? Chin Lipo Recovery

Since the chin liposuction we offer is a minimally invasive procedure and does not necessitate general anesthesia, the recovery is usually very quick. In general, the most you can expect is mild bruising or swelling for one week after the procedure. You might also be required to wear a compression garment 5 to 7 days after the procedure. Since every case is different, we will provide you with detailed specific post-operative instructions for your specific needs.

How Much Does Chin Liposuction in Scottsdale, AZ?

The total cost for chin liposuction in Scottsdale typically ranges from $1,500 to $5,000, depending upon several factors, including the extent of surgery needed or if you have any skin tightening add-on. Therefore, the cost varies from patient to patient. If you want a rough estimate of the total cost of your procedure, you can get an idea by using our online quote generator.

Ideal Candidates for Liposuction

Consultation with our surgeon will determine if the procedure suits you. However, you are a good candidate for chin liposuction if you:


What Our Patients Say

Consultation was easy to schedule and very informational and was able to answer any questions I had. Surgery was comfortable and painless. They send you home with everything you will need for the next few days so that was helpful also! Staff is very nice and clean facility also. 5 start place!
Thank you Dr Singh and Team at Just Go Lipo! You all are very professional, kind and listen to what’s important to me and collectively we make a plan for treatment. Dr Singh has the kindest disposition and soothing bedside manner which helps being new to some of the treatments. He always makes me feel and look like a rockstar!
Dr. Singh and Heather made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process and I can’t thank them enough. My results were immediate and I’m continuously seeing changes weekly.
If you are thinking of getting lipo done you definitely need to go to Just Go Lipo! Dr. Singh is so knowledgeable and will answer an questions you have. And his staff is just amazing. Everyone is so friendly and they make you feel so comfortable before, during, and after surgery. I’m so excited with my results only being 3 months post op! I couldn’t be happier with my choice to go with Just Go Lipo!
Great doctor and staff! After 3 weeks I’ve had incredible results with Vaser Lipo 360 and it’s because the doctor spent the extra time to help me achieve the results I wanted. He really spent the extra time on my “mom pouch” and did what it took, not just the standard. My healing process is still underway, but I’ve never been so excited to show myself in a bikini.
After three babies and years of trying to get rid of my belly fat through diet and exercise, Dr. Singh made my dreams 
a reality. He is a perfectionist and was dedicated to making sure my results were what I had requested.

Most Asked Questions

In general, the results of chin liposuction can remain permanent, provided that a person maintains a stable weight, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. The most common cause of failure of chin liposuction is the person regaining a lot of weight which leads to fat accumulation around the chin area again. This is because when a person gains weight, although many fat cells are removed from the chin, those left behind can expand up to multiple times their original size and store the new fat there.

To ensure that the effects of chin liposuction are permanent, it is crucial to maintain a healthy weight and eat a healthy diet. As we complement chin liposuction with Renuvion, which tightens the skin, the effects are even longer lasting since not only the fat but the skin is also treated.

tion procedure, and a cannula is inserted. The cannula breaks up the fat cells, which are suctioned out of the body. Unfortunately, removing these fat cells is permanent; once they’re gone, they can’t regenerate.

Yes, post-surgical scars are inevitable. However, these scars are minor and generally only visible to you, thanks to our surgeon’s experience and the modern techniques he uses that involve the placement of tiny incisions only. Patients concerned about scarring following liposuction may be advised to take precautionary measures at home that reduce the risk of scarring. Post-wound care is also critical for shortening healing periods. Moreover, pushing yourself too hard too soon may cause the incision to stretch and enlarge. To prevent scars from darkening, avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear sunscreen at all times. Non-smokers often have fewer visible scars than smokers. After surgery, we offer detailed instructions on how to heal quickly and reduce scarring. A topical cream may also be advised to aid healing.
While the cost of neck liposuction for plastic surgery is comparatively cheap, it is still costly enough to consider if you will get the most out of the procedure. Since the technique focuses on removing excess fat from the neck and chin rather than extensive contouring, neck liposuction surgery tends to benefit younger individuals more than those in their forties or fifties. Those with loose and sagging skin from age might benefit more from a neck lift rather than a neck liposuction operation.
The chin lipo surgery itself is not painful because you will be anesthetized for it. Most of the time, only local anesthesia is required for chin liposuction. You will be awake yet relaxed and unconcerned with the procedure. The lidocaine in the tumescent fluid causes numbness that lasts for several hours after the surgery. However, you should expect soreness and post-operative discomfort after the surgery. Most patients’ complaints are minor. You can treat your pain with prescription pain medication if it is severe. The soreness and discomfort will likely be at their peak 1-2 days following the treatment and will gradually improve over time.
While a neck liposuction procedure focuses on the minimally invasive removal of excess fat, a neck lift procedure is more extensive, with a longer recovery time and a higher chance of complications. Instead of neck liposuction, a neck lift eliminates sagging skin and tightens muscles around the neck and chin. This is an excellent procedure for older people who want to reduce drooping and sagging skin to achieve a younger-looking face. If you need clarification about which procedure you should undergo, that can only be determined after a thorough examination and consultation with a facial plastic surgeon. A neck lift necessitates a more invasive treatment and several weeks of recovery time. While neck liposuction recovery is rapid, you must exercise caution to minimize issues throughout your neck lift recovery.
Compression garments are often recommended after chin liposuction to minimize swelling and support healing. These garments help reduce fluid accumulation and conform the skin to its new shape. The duration for wearing the compression garment can vary, but it’s typically worn for 5 to 7 days following the procedure. Our surgeon will provide specific instructions based on your individual needs, the extent of the procedure, and how your recovery is progressing. Following these instructions closely will contribute to optimal healing and results.
Recovery from chin liposuction can vary among individuals, depending on the individual healing rates and adherence to post-operative care instructions. Most patients can typically resume normal activities within the week, although strenuous exercise must be avoided for a more extended period, as advised by the surgeon. Swelling and bruising usually diminish within a few weeks, but mild swelling may persist for several months. The final contouring results may take a few months as the area heals and settles fully. Regular follow-up appointments with our surgeon will help monitor progress and address any concerns during this time. Maintaining open communication with our medical team and following our guidance ensures a smooth and successful recovery.