Our Vision Is Your Vision- It’s Just About You.

When a person looks good they tend to feel good. It is our mission here at JustGO Lipo and Aesthetics to ensure that we meet your ideal vision. Dr. Singh will listen and our team will convey recommendations that we feel are the right fit for you. It’s all about you.

Why Did We Decide To Call The Practice JustGO Lipo?

We understand that you are busy and don’t have time to lose. Having the ability to Just Get Up and GO after a procedure is huge. In addition, we want you, our patients to have the ability to JustGo back to feeling the way you want to feel through medically approved aesthetic procedures whether that’s through high definition liposuction, fat grafting, fillers, or injectables. NO significant downtime, NO admissions, NO big scars, and the ability to JustGO back to what you were doing.

It's Just State Of The Art

Dr. Singh employs the use of State of the Art equipment that results in less trauma to the body (minimally invasive) resulting in less downtime and lasting results so that you can JustGO back to doing what you need to do. …including The VASER Ultrasonic Liposuction System, Renuvion Cosmetic Technology System and state of the art Fat Grafting collection and injection techniques. Pronox is an innovative analgesia system that involves the use of a patient-controlled anesthesia, 50/50 combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen to minimize anxiety and discomfort from a procedure under local anesthesia.

Its Just One Price- (Costs)

Our pricing is Just one price. We include our FREE consultation, follow up visits and and any other concerns you have in regards to your procedure. Just call us at any time for any questions. Our staff is here for you. The staff will ensure that you know if there will be additional charges. This usually consists of any blood work that may be required, medications that are prescribed and or post-operative recovery garments and massage therapy.