Life is full of laughter, happy memories, and blessings. But the smile lines that come along with a life well-lived aren’t always what you want to see! Treat them safely and effectively in Scottsdale, AZ, with Bellafill. Bellafill is a safe, long-lasting treatment for acne scars. So, if adolescence and adulthood have left you with scars where you should have smooth, healthy skin, then look no further than Bellafill for a safe, effective, restorative treatment. Bellafill is also used as a dermal filler to add volume to your face and reduce signs of aging

What Is Bellafill?

Bellafill is a safe, effective dermal filler made from collagen and polymethyl methacrylate microspheres (PMMA). The collagen gel gives your skin volume and lift, helping to fill in acne scars and correct wrinkles. The injections stay firmly in place, giving your skin a strong structural base for smooth skin. What makes Bellafill so different? Instead of just filling in wrinkles or acne scar, Bellafill's proprietary technology leaves the PMMA microspheres as a foundation that encourage your body to make more of its own collagen. Instead of just treating the symptom of age (smile lines), it gets to the root of the issue (reduced collagen production in your body). Bellafill is technically a dermal filler, but it doesn't just fill—it restores. Bellafill has been FDA-approved in the United States for over 15 years! It was first approved for use on nasolabial folds, and in the last few years, for acne scars in patients over 21. In fact, Bellafill is the only FDA-approved dermal filler proven safe and effective for up to five years!

Where Can You Use Bellafill?

Bellafill is often used on the face, but it can also be used on the buttocks—particularly on resistant acne scars.

Bellafill for acne scars in Scottsdale, AZ
How does Bellafill help reduce the appearance of acne scars? It uses proprietary technology to add volume underneath the scars, bringing them to the level of the skin around them. Other dermal fillers, such as those made with hyaluronic acid, usually only last for a few months. However, Bellafill works to create a long-lasting layer of collagen in your skin so that your acne scars stay less noticeable month after month, for up to a year. Bellafill has even been used on very deep acne scars with significant results.

Bellafill isn’t available over the counter. However, it’s a quick and easy outpatient procedure that can be done at JustGoLipo!

Bellafill as dermal fillers to enhance volume
How does Bellafill enhance the volume of your skin? The microscopic PMMA molecules are injected into your skin using a collagen gel that immediately fills in your wrinkles, lessening your smile lines. Your body uses these microspheres to help produce more collagen naturally, so your skin stays voluminous and smooth for up to five years

How Much Does Bellafill Cost In Scottsdale, AZ?

Bellafill injections are priced per syringe. If you only need a few syringes for minimal smile lines, your cost will be lower than if you are treating acne scars over your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Bellafill injections in Scottsdale, AZ, can be customized to fit any patient's budget and timeframe needs. Talk to our doctor for a personalized treatment and financial plan. On average, each syringe of Bellafill costs between $800-1500. At JustGoLipo we can give you a more concrete estimate via our 24/7 instant quote or once you are seen for an initial consultation. The total cost can also change based on the size and depth of your wrinkles and scars, the length or number of visits required, and how many syringes are injected. The best part about Bellafill is that it lasts for up to five years! So, you no longer have to waste your money (or your time) on filler injections that require touch-ups and payments every few months.

What To Expect After Bellafill?

You'll see results from your Bellafill injections immediately after leaving our Scottsdale, AZ, office! Even better, you can pick up your normal activities and lifestyle right away—there's no waiting around for your skin to heal or for you to begin looking at yourself again. You can walk right out of the office and show off your beautiful, smooth skin. Some patients do experience initial side effects such as bumps, itching, discoloration, redness, pain, bruising, or temporary swelling. But these side effects aren't common, and if they occur, they typically resolve within one to seven days. If you still have side effects after a week or they come back later on, reach out to your physician. They can treat any side effects in the office. As time goes on, your body will reabsorb the collagen, and the PMMA microspheres will be left behind. These microspheres keep a supportive base in your skin that helps your body produce even more collagen, which is why Bellafill produces such long-lasting results. This means that you'll walk out after your Bellafill injections with improved skin, and your skin will continue improving over time. Over 80% of patients who use Bellafill for smile lines are still happy after five years, and over 90% of men and women who chose Bellafill for acne scarring still see smoother skin after a year.

Is Bellafill For Men And Women?

Yes! Men get smile lines and suffer from acne scars, too. Bellafill is in such high demand because it has been shown to work equally well for both male and female patients. Furthermore, it works on a variety of skin types. Anyone over 21 who receives and passes the required skin test can receive Bellafill injections. However, if you aren't 21, if you reacted negatively to the skin test, or if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, then talk to your physician about other options. Over 80% of men and women are still satisfied with their Bellafill injections after five years. Over 90% of people who chose Bellafill to even out acne scarring were still happy with their results after a whole year.


What Our Patients Say

FAQ About Bellafill

Bellafill is FDA approved as a dermal filler, but it really does more than that. It’s a restorative product, helping your skin to produce even more natural collagen using the PMAA foundation.
Patients with sensitive skin have found that Bellafill is gentle enough to give them the results they want without irritating their gentle skin. Some patients do experience mild side effects, such as temporary swelling, itching, bruising, redness, or pain, but these go away in as little as a day.
Anyone with severe allergies, especially to bovine collagen or lidocaine, or who has a bleeding or scar tissue disorder should consult with their doctor prior to treatment.
Bellafill can be used on deep wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds, areas with volume loss, such as cheeks or buttocks, and skin areas affected by acne scars.
Patients see results right away after receiving Bellafill injections! They will also continue to see improved skin over time.
This is dependent on the number of lines or scars that you want to be filled in. Smaller areas or less severe scarring require fewer injections, while more smile lines or deep scarring require more. Talk to your doctor about a customized treatment plan that’s right for you.

Bellafill was the subject of the largest and longest dermal filler study that has ever been done. This study found that it was safe and effective for up to five years! Bellafill injections are only available through a licensed physician. Speak to your physician about your particular condition and if Bellafill is right for you.

Everyone reacts differently. Sometimes, Bellafill has mild side effects that typically resolve within one day to one week. These include discoloration, itching, redness, bruising, pain, bumps, or swelling.
Sometimes, patients experience lumps or bumps that occur over a month after the Bellafill is injected. More severe side effects can be treated at your dermatologist’s office or physician. You should always let your physician know if you have any moderate to severe skin reactions after receiving your Bellafill injections.

Patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or who are under 21 years of age should not receive Bellafill as it has not been studied or approved in these populations.

As with any procedure, individual results vary. However, patients worldwide have reported Bellafill results lasting up to five years around the nose and lips.
People report significant results for up to a year when Bellafill is used specifically for acne scars.