What Is the Recovery Time for Liposuction?

When you start dieting and exercising, you may lose some of the weight you aim to lose quite fast. The rest may take some time to shed, but the last few pounds may be stubborn. They may stop you from realizing your goal. Liposuction is a reliable way to shed this stubborn extra fat.

What Is Liposuction?

It is a procedure that removes excess fat from specific body areas. However, it should not be a substitute for dieting and exercise. It should complement the two. The only thing it will not do is tighten loose and sagging skin. It is also not effective in eliminating cellulite, but it contours your body, leaving you looking slimmer.

How Long Is Recovery?

Recovery depends on the areas the procedure takes place, with some taking five to seven days. Others can last up to three months. The vital thing to remember is that you need to take some downtime to allow your body to heal.

Some things happen at different stages in the recovery process, from the time the surgery is over to a month or more later. Here is a look at what to expect.

Immediately After The Procedure

Before transferring you to the recovery room, the surgeon will place you in a compression garment or elastic bandages. The compression garment is custom-fit before your procedure. It helps reduce swelling and contours your body. In the recovery room, the anesthetic wears off, and you will feel moderate discomfort.

You can go home the same day after the procedure. However, it is advisable to spend a night at the hospital. It allows the doctor to observe fluid changes and dehydration. Whether you stay overnight or not, you will need someone to drive you home after discharge.

A Few Days Later

You will still have your compression garment and some drains at the surgical sites. They help speed up healing and prevent fluid buildup around the incisions. You have pain and soreness, which you can manage with medication. Follow your schedule closely to prevent discomfort. Limit your activity and enlist help if you have young children.

The First Few Weeks

There will be a significant reduction in pain and soreness. You can confirm with your doctor if you should go back to work. But if your job is demanding, take additional time for recovery.

The First Month

You will no longer feel pain or soreness. However, you may still see some swelling. It may take some months to subside. You will start to see visible results, and you can resume light exercise.

Beyond The First Month

When you hit the sixth month, you will notice that the swelling subsides significantly. There may be some lingering swelling, but this depends on the liposuction areas. You can remove your compression garment and continue your daily activities and exercise. Remember to consult your doctor on this before you begin. All in all, you will start to see the full scope of your liposuction results.

Be patient, hydrate, and eat protein to aid in healing. Avoid salt since it increases your water retention. Keep your doctor’s appointments and follow their instructions. It will help you get the results you desire.

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