Why Natural Breast Augmentation Is the Perfect Alternative to Breast Implants

You may be hearing a lot of negative reviews about breast implants. However, there are many positive reviews on natural breast augmentation to pique your interest. Natural breast augmentation is a safe procedure that uses fat from your body to enlarge your breasts.

How Does It Do This?

The breast augmentation procedure is a form of cosmetic surgery that increases the size of your breasts. It also enhances breast appearance and shape by using fat from your body. The doctor will harvest fat from several areas of your body, process it, and inject the cells into your breasts. The fat naturally fits into these areas since it is compatible with your body. The result is beautiful, natural-looking breasts. 

The Procedure

Natural breast augmentation largely depends on the surgeon’s technique. They need to handle the fat carefully to preserve its integrity and ability to reintegrate into the breast area. Beforehand, the doctor will harvest fat from your body using liposuction. During the procedure, they collect it in a sterile canister, treat it, and transfer it to the treatment areas. 

The Results

You can expect added cleavage and an increase in volume by up to one cup size. Patients who desire an enhanced option only need to get multiple treatments. Swelling and bruising resolve after about four to eight weeks. You should avoid any strenuous activity and lifting during this time. Otherwise, it may interfere with the results and create complications.

Benefits Of The Procedure

There are several reasons why many people prefer natural breast augmentation to breast implants. They include:

Its Natural Results

Since the technique uses your fat, it gives a natural look and feel. It is more appealing and satisfying than the feel of breast implants. The natural aspect of the procedure is also beneficial since there are no foreign objects in your body.

Safe And Fewer Complications

The natural alternative has fewer complications than breast implants since the fat is from your body. You do not need regular checks for implant rupture as the fat cells integrate with the tissue in your breasts.

Studies show that most women are happier with natural breast augmentation than breast implants. However, the doctor should ensure enough room for the fat to fit. Tight breasts make it hard for the fat tissue to survive.

Enhances The Look Of Implants

Sometimes, the breast implant texture may show through the skin. The rippling happens at the edges of an implant. The best way to improve this appearance is using fat transfer—the same technique doctors use during natural breast augmentation.

The Results Are Permanent

Never at any time will you need to remove the fat the doctor injects into your breasts. Even if it is possible, there is no need. The results are permanent. However, you may need to remove breast implants to avoid unnecessary complications. Sometimes, the removal is earlier than their life span because of various issues.

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