Travel Tips for Cosmetic procedures

Since your coming to Scottsdale be prepared to Travel.  Understand that the travel you book may have restrictions and flights may or may not be delayed .  So call ahead to get your questions answered. Just be ready.  Have a book, a podcast, a movie, or whatever it is that makes the time go by faster.  On the way back you may experience swelling due to a change in the atmospheric pressure when your flying, so don’t be surprised.  Watch your Sodium (salt) intake and make sure you have a comfortable pillow.  if you had a BBL make sure you have a BBL pillow. Plan on staying in Scottsdale or surrounding area for at least 72 hours post procedure.  We want to make sure you are doing great.  Have your massages scheduled after you complete your booking with us.  Don’t wait to schedule when you get here!!! Scottsdale is a busy place .. our lymphatic experts schedule may be full.  You would not believe it but don’t forget your phone charger.  Thats the last thing you want to be worried about after your procedure.  You need to rest.  Its ok to walk, walk, walk, and most importantly Please Don’t forget your prescription medicine.